Friday, March 8, 2013

Panic, Confusion, Frustration in Northwest CPDM Over Composition of Senatorial List

 An atmosphere of uncertainty and frustration was reported at the Bamenda Congress Hall yesterday where the Central Committee team led by Agbo Tabi was receiving candidatures for the senate. Classified sources hinted that there was frustration, intimidation and confusion when some names were deleted. Accordingly, sources say the master planner who frustrated most of those who were aspiring to go to senate was no other person than the Rt. Hon. Achidi Achu. According to what we gathered John B Ndeh, Nwana Sama, Sama Ignatius, Fon Chafah and Achidi Achu each submitted a list. And at the end of the day, only three lists were forwarded to the Central Investiture Committee. Dr. Nwana and Sama Ignatius’s lists were dropped without giving tangible reasons why. More so, sources say the most frustrated case was that of Nji Fidelis whose name was deleted and replaced with that of Wallang Ako David. Besides, it is alleged Agbo Tabi fell into Rt. Hon Achidi Achu’s trap and he was seen as receiving instructions from him and not implementing orders from the Central Committee. Public opinion in the North West is aghast with what transpired at the Congress Hall. Yet allegations are rife at that the crack will give the SDF the position to sweep the seven seats in the North West Region if the situation is not redressed immediately. Some CPDM councilors are quoted to have vowed that they will never cast their votes for a certain personality who thinks that the entire region is in his armpit. Another even vowed to vote for the opposition due to the bias exercise by the Regional investiture. Yet, others say the lists were being dictated from the Prime Ministry while Simon Achidi Achu was implementing. More so, it is not yet clear whether Dr. Nick Ngwanyam's name appeared in any of these three lists or he finally formed his own lists.

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