Monday, March 4, 2013

SDF Shadow Cabinet Ministry of Foreign Affairs Calls on Nigeria & Cameroon to Seek for Speedy Release of 7 French Nationals Abducted in Cameroon

Hon. Awudu Mbaya: Shadow Cabinet Minister for Foreign Affairs

SDF Shadow Cabinet Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hon. Awudu Mbaya Cyprian has issued a Press statement condemning the kidnapping of seven French Nationals in the Northern part of Cameroon.  In the Press Release, the Shadow Cabinet of the Foreign Affairs of the Social Democratic Front-SDF noted that the “SDF learnt with consternation the unfortunate incident of the kidnapping of seven French Nationals in the Northern part of our country last Tuesday, February 19”. The statement further imply that the SDF party during the national convention and last meeting of the National Executive Council earlier put to question the CPDM regime’s security not only for Cameroonians but as well as foreigners living or visiting the country. The Shadow Cabinet Minister however lamented that up to the time of issuing the Press Release, the Ministry of External Relations has so far made no clear statement on the unfortunate incident of February 19, 2013. “This is a phenomenal characteristic of the CPDM regime which has always remained mute in the face of serious crisis” SDF Shadow Cabinet Ministry emphasized.  The Shadow Cabinet Ministry of Foreign Affairs also observed that “the CPDM government has no defined and strategic module for tourists in Cameroon” and judging from the statement made by France that “Northern Cameroon” is a danger zone an eloquent testimony that the CPDM regime has failed.  However, SDF Shadow Cabinet Ministry of Foreign Affairs also commended that in Cameroon there is the freedom of religion and different religious groups have been coexisting amicable.
The Shadow Cabinet hereby holds that:
a)    The SDF calls on the Cameroonian and Nigerian governments as well as all other concerned bodies to see to the speedy release of these seven French citizens who were abducted by an unknown group in the
Northern part of our country and reportedly taken to Nigeria.
b)    The SDF will never allow any part of the Cameroon territory to be used for the settling of political, social or religious differences. Thus, we condemn anyone depriving Cameroonians or friends of Cameroon within its territory of their freedom of movement, worship, etc;
c)    The SDF government will put in place a security system that will guarantee the sovereignty of its territory as well as all inhabitants therein;

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