Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Senatorial Challenges: Biya Succumbs to SDF Menace

 By FC Junior

SDF National Chairman Ni John Fru Ndi is expected to meet President Biya before weekend in what has been described as a panacea for the looming political deadlock in Cameroon. According to classified sources Chairman Ni John Fru Ndi was spotted today March 5, 2013 in Yaounde. A hint which indicates that at last Popoul has finally succumbed to the proposed dialogue by John Ntarinkon.
The Popoul-John Ntarikon encounter it should be recalled has been provoked by the fact that the SDF earlier declared that if Biya doesn’t sit and discuss with its chieftain on modalities of participation in the upcoming senatorial elections, chaos will be inevitable. As usual, the unpredictable Paul Biya summoned the Electoral College yet the heat from the SDF was too much to the Biya regime to resist.
However, the National Executive Council of the SDF on February 16, 2013 wrote to Biya, Elections Cameroon threatening to boycott senatorial elections. Worried about field reports, SDF wrote to Elections Cameroon and the German Company that manufactured the kits emphasizing that the so-called recompilation of voters’ registers using the biometric system is a sham. A similar letter our source hinted was addressed to President Biya asking him (Biya) to publish the electoral calendar stressing that “the SDF wants municipal and legislative elections to hold before senatorial elections”. The SDF argued that the mandate of the present councilors had expired and so they are enjoying bonus times. While wrapping his sensitization tour of the country at the Bamenda Municipal stadium which it is alleged Biya disbursed 750 million to SDF National chairman to mobilize Cameroonians to register massively, SDF chieftain said “no election will take place in Cameroon this year if he does not sit and talk with Biya on the acceptable modalities”. I should be noted that SDF chairman started by hammering on ELECAM and the biometric registration but so suddenly he swallowed his own words. This is so because rumours as hinted were rife that Fru Ndi had a secret meeting with Biya before the later left for France. Political analysts have been wondering the modalities Fru Ndi is talking about or elections are pre-arranged? To cut the story short, Ni John Fru Ndi told SDF militants that if he does not meet Biya personally, no elections will take place in Cameroon. This is so because President Biya’s ear listens only to one sound, threats and menaces, an authoritative voice hinted.
According information filtering into our office, the Biya regime has already settled on a one point agenda discussion with Fru Ndi. It is alleged that to comfort the SDF, Biya consulted Elecam officials and instructed that the only viable list from the North West should be that of the SDF. But if it were to happen then Ni John Fru Ndi who declared his candidature for the senate will emerge senator. Sources hinted that CPDM list from the Northwest Region risk being disqualified.

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